Kain Chanteek by Chanteek Borneo is a collection of textiles designed with Sabah’s identity in mind.

The textile designs are based on the motifs from the tapestry, woven cloth, embroidered cloth and the beaded costume of the indigenous from North Borneo. Though most of the textile are designed in a contemporary style, the presentation of the motifs are closer to the traditional styling.

Contemporary Kain Chanteek featuring Rafflesia with Sinipon motifs

The 1st collection of Kain Chanteek are inspired from the motifs present in the Sigah or Kain Dastar. Sigah is a square woven cloth commonly worn by many men from many ethnics in North Borneo (Sabah) as their head-cover. It is common piece of head-cover of the Kadazan of Penampang and Papar; the Dusuns of Kota Belud, Tuaran, Tambunan and Ranau; and the Bajau of Tuaran and Kota Belud.

Our first collections comprises of 3 motifs design with different color options suitable to tailor design fashion for mens & women clothing for a daily wear.

Kain Chanteek with motifs from the Sigah in a traditional arrangement

Kain Chanteek’s objective is primarily to produce and create a textile design with Sabah’s identity for our identity needs. Kain Chanteek showcase our pride as a Sabahan for our current lifestyle.

One of our collection with contemporary arrangement. Motifs are from the Sigah
Traditional yet contemporary to suit our modern lifestyle. Embracing our culture closer to our heart in this digital era

We can be contacted at 019-5300018 for any enquiry regarding our textile collection or to custom-design your textiles.

By Anne Antah

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