Linopot means wrapped! In Kadazandusun culture, Linopot referred to the hillside grown rice (usually the purple colored, Tadong rice) mashed either with the wild yam or tapioca or sweet potato; then wrapped with a large sized leaf. The Linopot is usually enjoyed with at least 3 types of simple dishes, the vegetables and fish.


Linopot Delivery Service

Linopot Delivery is a service provided by Chanteek Borneo with the cooperation with a few house-wives, (they are the Tamu peddler too on Wednesday, selling kampung food); and delivery runners from Tamparuli & Tuaran.

Ready to be delivered.

This project started a month ago with the aims to promote the delicious kampung food by the Tamu peddler in Tamparuli and at the same time to help them earn extra income. This project indirectly benefits a few local people in the community.

The concept is very simple. Chanteek Borneo coordinate the menu, marketing & place the order from the customer on Monday until Wednesday afternoon. Then we will inform the aunties about the order and they will buy all the needed ingredients at the local Tamu Tamparuli on Wednesday. Wednesday is the day when all the fresh local produces brought to the market by the villagers.

Then on Thursday early morning, the aunties will send their dishes to Chanteek Borneo for our packaging team to assemble and pack the Linopot. Within 1-hour time frame, the delivery team will start runs their engine to deliver the Linopot to various offices within Kota Kinabalu. To make this project works, we have a number of house-wives to cook different kind of dishes. The delivery team are comprises of a number of runners too to ensure a smooth delivery.

Ms Rostinah, our Project Coordinator is with Pn Naisol, one of our regular supplier.

How and where did I get this idea? I’ll share with you in my next post.

To order Linopot for your Thursday lunch, please contact us at 088-792018 or whatsapp to 010-5231623 (Rostinah) or 019-5300018 (Anne) or 016-3290018 (Hotline).

Check out our FB page linopotdelivery for our weekly menu.

Thank you for reading my post and lets keep our heritage alive through food.

-Anne Antah-

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