How To Sabah?

What is the best way to experience Sabah (North Borneo)? Off course through the costume, music and dance; and not forgetting the craft!

Costume Experience
Experience the costume of the Borneon when visiting Chanteek Borneo Indigenous Musuem

Borneo Island is habituated by hundreds of ethnics group. That means there are hundreds of different culture, costumes, foods and dialects found here. In Sabah alone, we have more than 200 ethnics and sub-ethnics group spread throughout the state.

With these hundreds of tribes group, how would you identified them? One of the way is through their unique costume. Each of the costume worn by the Bornean borne different stories. At Chanteek Borneo, we not just share with you the stories of their costumes; we also give you an opportunity to try-on their costume. We let you experience their costume and be looked like a Bornean.

Music and Dance Experience

  • experience music
  • experience dance

Learn a simple step of the local dance ‘Sumazau’ and the local music instrument. It would be an exciting experience to be able to dance or be able to play the musical instrument┬álike a true Bornean. Our visitors would get a chance to experience both music and dance when they get to visit us. It is not hard as you imagine or seen.

Here, lets check out our 4 packages, each designated with you in mind!

Chanteek Experience

Museum Tour

Bornean Makeover

Beadings Experience

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