Chanteek Borneo Gallery is a CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) project of Chanteek Borneo Sdn Bhd.

Chanteek Borneo Gallery showcase dolls collection called Humee (in reference to the legendary Huminodun) and Akee (male doll, Aki is a how the elder is referred to).

Diorama of a Kadazandusun village lifestyle

Humee and Akee are dressed in traditional costumes which has beed used by the Sabahan ethnicities since the early 19th century. The miniature collections was tailor-made by Chanteek Borneo founder Madam Anne Antah and her team of 4 staffs (Kak Zana, Lesa, Aini and Eddy) since 2011 until 2018.

Dolls dressed in traditional costume of the Dusunic tribe

The cute little dolls are showcased in a miniature scene depicting the livelihood of the local people in the olden days. There are custom-made house models, tools and other miniature props too used to enhance the mini exhibition.

In Sabah (North Borneo), there are about 200 ethnics and sub-ethnics group which donned quite similar costumes. The similarity are in their overall black colour usage, however the differences of each costume are characterised with their motifs, the motif’s colours preferences and the accessories used with the clothing.

Previously operated as Chanteek Borneo Indigenous Museum, the gallery is a now a downscale version where the services is limited to exhibits and offering workshops only.

Chanteek Borneo Indigenous Museum (operated from 2014 until 13th March 2020) has been temporarily CLOSED due to the ‘Restriction Movement Order’ in response to the worldwide COVID-19 pandemic in 2020.

KOTA KINABALU 21 SEPTEMBER 2018. Setiausaha Politik kepada Ketua Menteri Sabah, Jo Anna Sue Henley Rampas (tengah) menyaksikan Penyerahan Sijil Pengiktirafan Muzium Pakaian Mini Tradisional Orang Asal Malaysia yang pertama oleh Pengurus Pejabat Buku Rekod Malaysia (MBOR), Lee Pooi Leng (kiri) kepada Pengarah Galeri Chanteek Borneo, Anne Antah (kanan) di Galeri Chanteek Borneo, Tamparuli. STR/RECQUEAL RAIMI.

In September 2018, Chanteek Borneo Indigenous Museum was listed in The Malaysia Book of Record as ‘The First Miniature Indigenous Costume Museum’. With a total of 300 dolls in different costumes, a visit to the mini gallery is definitely your short cut to get to understand more about the North Borneo people.


  • Admission Fee: FREE
  • Visiting Hour: 9Am – 5PM (Monday – Saturday)
  • Options: Basic Beading Workshop and Weaving Workshop (Pre-Book)