• Welcome to Chanteek Borneo Indigenous Museum

    Welcome to Chanteek Borneo Indigenous Museum

  • Welcome to Chanteek Borneo Indigenous Museum

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Kopisanangan mean Welcome or Hello in Dusun language.

Chanteek Borneo Indigenous Museum is a mini museum, dedicated itself to provide a visitor-friendly learning experience on Sabah’s general culture.

The museum was established in 2014, displaying more than 300 Barbie-alike dolls, dressed in variety traditional costumes; and other miniature object to showcase the uniqueness of Bornean’s culture and lifestyle.

The Little World of Sabah

The gallery exhibits comprises of diorama to depict the rituals, the livelihood activities and the lifestyles that were once alive and practised by the inhabitants of the mystical Borneo island.

Main Exhibition

The main exhibition is sectioned into the 3 major ethnicities, the Kadazandusun with about 70 sub-ethnics; the Bajaus and the Muslims communities; and the Muruts.

For each of the ethnicities, visitors would get to learn the different type of costumes worn by a maiden, a married lady, the priestess, the warrior or the bridal costumes. Visitor would get to know how to identify the social status of the native according to the accessories worn by the wearer.

The Malaysia Book of Records, The 1st Miniature Indigenous Costume Museum
The Malaysia Book of Records, The 1st Miniature Indigenous Costume Museum

Visitors often refer this museum as the ‘The Little World of Sabah’ as they could get to view most of the costume that were once worn and still worn by the Sabah native and understand more about it, all under one roof.

With a total of more than 300 different costumes from Malaysia, Chanteek Borneo Indigenous Museum was listed in ‘The Malaysia Book of Records’ as the record holder for the ‘First Miniature Indigenous Costume Museum’ in September 2018. This museum is definitely one of a kind in Malaysia and in the world; therefore it is worth a visit if you are in Sabah.

Experience The Culture

Experience Sabah's Traditional Costume
Experience Sabah’s Traditional Costume

Beside the museum exhibits, the museum also provides experience for visitors to dress-up in the local traditional costume for a small fee and take a photo for remembrance.

Aramai tii mean it is fun and joyful.
Aramai tii mean it is fun and joyful.

If travelling is about once in a lifetime experience and to capture a memorable moment; this museum is definitely a ‘must go’ to experience the ‘aramai tii’ or the merry-making moments in Sabah (North Borneo) by opting for their dance and music add-on activities. Instead of watching typical stage performances, visitor would be taught how to dance the famous Sabahan dance Sumazau and how to beat the gongs.

Visitors of all ages could play with local traditional games too. The traditional games are especially popular amongst the kids, as it is easy to learn and fun.

Visit Us

Telibong - Tamparuli Road (on the way up to Kundasang, Ranau)
Telibong – Tamparuli Road (on the way up to Kundasang, Ranau)

Chanteek Borneo Museum provide a self-assist guided tour whereby visitors are encouraged to use the QR Code to access the details of each exhibits/objects inside and outside of the museum.                               

This museum gallery exhibits is not only creative but very inspiring too with colourful murals painted on the wall A visit here would enable the visitor to get a glimpse of Borneans civilization that were once fought and brought by their ancestors and at the same time to reflect of how fragile a culture and the ethnicities are in this digital era.

Easy to locate from the main road. Visitor can easily find us on Google Map or Waze.

To get here from the capital city Kota Kinabalu would takes approximately 45 minutes car ride. Visitor could also take the public transportation or the ride hailing services.

Visiting hours are from 8 AM – 6 PM Daily, including Public Holidays.

Fees & Rates

CategoryAdultChildren (4 – 12 years)
Museum Entrance (with eGuided Tour Assist)RM10RM5
Basic Traditional CostumeRM10RM10
Traditional Costume with AccessoriesRM30RM30
Music & Dance Activity (Add-On)RM10RM10
Bracelet’s Beading Activity (Add-On)RM10RM10
Traditional Games (Add-On)RM5/gameRM5/game
Local food experience (Pre-book)
*please contact us to arrange

Local Merchandise 'Novitan Packet'
Local Merchandise 'Novitan Packet'

Support Chanteek Borneo

Chanteek Borneo Indigenous Museum rely on the entrance fee to keep the museum in operational. As part of its sustainability effort to keep the place running, the Souvenir Shop sell merchandises produces specially for Chanteek Borneo.

Some of the merchandises are specially made by the local community from the surrounding villages. We greatly appreciate your support towards our effort by purchasing our merchandises. It would not only keep our operation running but it would also bring food to the tables of the local communities.

Some of our merchandises are available online at our official store ShopInBorneo.com


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