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Chanteek Borneo Museum


The vision of Chanteek Borneo is to promote and keep alive the Borneo cultural heritage through creativity and innovation. The museum was setup in 2014 with a mission to replicate all the traditional costumes from 300 ethnicities and sub-ethnicities group in Borneo Island into a miniature size for Barbie-alike doll.

Permanent Exhibits


The Museum permanent exhibits is divided into 9 Sections. Kg Nunuk Ragang is a mini village depicting the birth of the Kadazandusun people according to the story that has been passed down from generations to generations. Inside the Nunuk Ragang scene, there are many activities happening such as the merry

Visit Us

Visit Us

Visiting Hour & Admission The Museum is open from daily from 8AM – 6PM, including public holiday except on Christmas Day and on Harvest Festival. Harvest Festival falls on 30th and 31st May every year. Museum Policy Please leave your smartphone at the Reception Counter if you did not purchase

Gift Shop

Support Chanteek Borneo effort in promoting and keeping the Borneo cultural heritage by buying gifts and souvenirs at our Souvenir Shop near the gallery exit or via online at www.shopinborneo.com. 70% of the products are made by the women’s community from all over Borneo Island. Traditional Beadings and Woven textile

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Dont Chase the Buffalo

Travelling on our own has become a worldwide trend nowadays! We could easily google interesting places or use the localised mobile tour apps for our travel activity. If you’ve decided to tour around Sabah, most probably to Ranau or to Kudat by renting a car or a motorbike from the

2in1 Sisingal Beaded Headband cum Choker Necklace

How to turn traditional Sisingal into a chic accessory?

It is the month of Harvest Festival or Tadau Kaamatan for the Sabahan and I’m wondering how many of us would likely wear a full set of traditional costume in this hot blazing sun? Here I’m going to share with you simple tips on how to be traditional yet fashionable

Linopot Delivery

Linopot means wrapped! In Kadazandusun culture, Linopot referred to the hillside grown rice (usually the purple colored, Tadong rice) mashed either with the wild yam or tapioca or sweet potato; then wrapped with a large sized leaf. The Linopot is usually enjoyed with at least 3 types of simple dishes,

Dusun Gobukan man in Traditional wear Lapoi

Gobukon, the Dusun who owed their life to the monkeys!

Gobuk in Dusun language means monkey! At the northen part of Sabah (North Borneo), there is a small town called Kota Marudu where lives a minority Dusun ethnicity who revered the primate monkey as their savior. According to one Mr Modungil Satikul of Kg Pinatau, Kota Marudu, long time ago

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