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Chanteek Borneo Gallery Re-Opening is scheduled to be in July 2020. Thank you for your support.
  • Sumazau

    or Sumayau is dancing in Kadazandusun language, mimicking the flying bird.

  • Sumandak Sabah

    is famously referring to all the maidens of the Kadazandusun, Murut and Rungus ethnicities.

  • Jambatan Gantung!

    A suspension bridge crossing river, connecting people and villages

  • Linopot

    is a leaf-wrapped wild rice with mashed yam or sweet potatoes .


Throughout The Years at Chanteek Borneo: Before Miss Corona Came.

“What a memory before the Covid-19 pandemic!” Chanteek Borneo Indigenous Museum has been one of Sabah’s tourists’ honey spot since 2014. They have been in the tourism industry for 6 years. What is more astounding about Chanteek Borneo is this place, has been listed in The Malaysia Book of Records for The First Miniature Indigenous Costume Museum in 2018. During the COVID-19 pandemic which saw worldwide tourism industry become halted especially in Sabah, we decided to interview Chanteek Borneo’s staffs while we did our internship there. We were there for our internship since June 2020 and expected to end our


Any wedding of the Kadazandusun in Sabah, especially one held at not at a hotel is incomplete without the orchestra of Gongs and a lady captain known as the Papaapasazau. Papaapasazau could be an equal to the Event Floor Manager who is busy keep running around throughout the whole program to ensure the events is entertaining and successful. Description of a Papaapasazau would be – most of the time it is a she with 2-3 assistance, someone who knows most of the guest list, someone who knows who is married and who is not, someone who is persuasive enough that

Don’t Chase the Buffalo

Self-guided travelling has been the trend nowadays. Places of interest can be easily googled or searched through travel advisory apps. If you are visiting Sabah or popularly known as the North Borneo, especially along the Tuaran to Kota Belud district on bike or using rented car; here’s a tip on how to get around when you encounter a herd of domestic water buffalos. By right, all the buffalos that you might encounter on the road are belong to someone but they are on the loose as there is no farm or specific farm for them. So we can also called

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